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Ultra Test XR the high pulley exercise to chest that for work of steady rhythms miramax are 36 kilograms and from that 40 percent 60 and 80 first arrangement 40 percent would be 14 kilograms second arrangement 60 percent would be 22 kilograms and third arrangement to work 80 percent would be 29 kilograms and after that we proceed onward to this our table and it gives great so no record in what is the table of it is the hexa this is examination comes investigation of information from exercise and in this age table out of sight what are abridged are the occasions the reiterations and the breaks then I have the three arrangement I have the quantity of reiterations for every arrangement that are 10 here I have the ones that are the occasions in seconds that he proposes 12 for the activity harmonies you have out of sight .