Do The 'Impossible' & Push Through The Barrier

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Do the 'Impossible' & Push Through the Barrier

  • POSTED ON Wednesday, April 3, 2019

Some times opportunity has strange ways of letting  Curso Maestro Reiki us know that it is the opportunity we have been waiting for. Many times it will present itself to us in many different ways. I find that often I will search heavily for an opportunity and it sits right there in front of me, sitting silently waiting for me to notice it, waiting to be found. Sometimes it will knock on your door but more times than not it will just sit until you find it.A man who wants and seeks opportunity will usually find one. Knowing where to look how to find it and when to jump depends on the person. Opportunities are there the whole time but if you never take that leap of faith and just look then that opportunity that could take you to the top will surely pass you by. It demands precise and accurate action from you, with out action it will just sit there waiting for you with out giving any hint what so ever of its existence.


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