Post-Traumatic Fibromyalgia From Car Accidents

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Post-Traumatic Fibromyalgia From Car Accidents

  • POSTED ON Tuesday, March 5, 2019

When an individual comes to a chiropractor with neck pain,  Curafen   the doctor will check their spine. Even though the patient is complaining of neck pain, the doctor will evaluate the entire spine for any other problems that might be present. The chiropractor will start at the neck and proceed to the mid-back area finishing with lower back called the lumbar area. When the doctor examines a spine he is looking for how well the joints move, muscle tenderness, disc and ligament problems. The doctor does this by touch. He is looking for tightness, soreness, and movement of the spine. If a disc is herniated and surgery is necessary a chiropractor will refer you to the appropriate medical doctor. The chiropractor will examine the way the patient walks. The doctor will look at the patient's posture and the line and/or curves the spine makes. The chiropractor will also take a medical history. Some times they order x-rays and MRI to further look at the neck. All of these procedures help the chiropractor determine the course of treatment he or she will propose for neck pain.