Body Pillow

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The Sleepsia® Shredded Memory Foam Body Pillow includes a pliable and breathable Shredded Memory Foam fill for the best mix of help and solace. Similar as a customary down pad, shredded memory foam can be formed to meet the particular necessities and solace inclinations of your one of a kind body. In contrast to conventional duck/goose down, the superior shredded memory foam fill gives a sans allergen and hypoallergenic rest climate. The shredded memory foam configuration likewise takes into account more prominent breathability and a general cooler rest insight. Pregnant, side, and back sleepers can profit from the Lucid Shredded Memory Foam Body Pillow is larger than average plan and flexible solace.



  • Pliable and adjustable help ideal for side sleepers and pregnant
  • Shredded memory foam fill is without allergen and hypoallergenic
  • Air goes through the destroyed froth for more noteworthy flow and breathability
  • Delicate and breathable rayon from bamboo and polyester mix cover

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